Terms and conditions of the Maple casino Canada

Do you love playing casino games at home but don’t want to pay high fees? Then why not try out a Canadian online casino where you can play free slots and other casino games without having to deposit real cash? The following information should give you some insight into the terms and conditions of the Maple Casino.

You need to be 18 years old or older to register an account

 If you are under 18, you will have to get permission from your parents or guardian before registering for an account. However, if you are under 25, then you do not need any parental permission to open an account. This is because you fall under the age category of a gambling addict. So when it comes to dealing with Canadian gambling laws, you are considered an adult.

A valid bank card is needed to make deposits

 Although there are no restrictions on who can deposit money into their accounts, those using debit cards are required to keep more than CAD 5,000 in their accounts. And these amounts must be kept separate from money used in gameplay. Therefore, you could face trouble withdrawing your winnings if they exceed this amount. For those who prefer credit cards, then you may use them without any issues. Just remember that all transactions must be completed within 10 days of making a deposit.

All withdrawals require verification

As mentioned above, you cannot withdraw your winnings until after the 10 days have passed. But even if you can complete the withdrawal process, you will still have to provide proof that you made the transaction.

Withdrawals can take between 7 – 14 business days

Most banks usually charge a fee for processing withdrawals. These fees vary depending on what method you choose to withdraw funds. Some methods include direct transfer (which does not involve sending through cheques), e-wallets (such as PayPal), prepaid debit cards, checks, etc. Depending on which method you select, you may find it easier to wait up until seven days have passed from the time you make a payment to the time you want to receive your funds.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50

 To ensure that you don’t run into any problems during the registration process, the minimum withdrawal amount is set at $50 per transaction.

Your balance will be automatically adjusted

 When you first sign up, you will have access to 50% of your total available balance. This means you can only gamble up to half of the amount in your account. After this initial period has elapsed, your balance will grow by 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% or 5%.

There are certain bonuses offered

 Every month, players are allowed to earn extra credits with the help of special promotions. By signing up for one of these promotions, you will be rewarded with additional bonus amounts.

No real money games

 Unlike most USA casinos, Maple Casino does not offer any live dealer games. Instead, they focus on providing you with the best selection of slot machines and other casino games online.

Free spins

 One of the greatest advantages of playing slots at the Maple Casino is that you will never have to pay for free spins. Because this is Canada, players are allowed to play slots for fun while enjoying the added benefits such as free cash and bonus rounds.

It’s easy to find out how much you won or lost

To assist you in keeping track of your wins and losses, the site provides you with detailed information about your past performance. Moreover, you can view charts detailing your activity over the last 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. You can also see how your overall win/loss ratio compares to others in your preferred category.

Regular tournaments

 Since many people like to test their luck against others across multiple platforms, the Maple Casino offers regular tournaments where you can compete against your friends in various categories.

24/7 support

 If you ever need assistance, just pick up the phone and call customer service. You can reach them via telephone or email.

A large collection of titles

No matter what kind of game you enjoy, you will always find plenty of choices to satisfy your needs. From classic slots to video poker and progressive jackpot games to scratch card games, the Maple Casino has something for everyone.

Fast payout times

 Once you complete an online transaction with them, the usual turnaround time is around five minutes. However, if you plan, you can get your winnings deposited within the same day.

The site is 100% secure

 Since Maple Casino employs highly advanced encryption technology, all transactions made through the platform are completely safe. All sensitive data remains encrypted and protected so that no unauthorized third parties can monitor your details.

In conclusion, Maple Casino is a reputable Canadian operator that offers great value when it comes to entertainment. With hundreds of exciting titles from top software developers, there’s nothing better than getting started today!

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